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This is a natural looking polyester fabric with a lovely matt texture - VERY easy to clean and care for.

  • Jarvis Parchment

    Jarvis Parchment

  • Jarvis Oatmeal

    Jarvis Oatmeal

  • Jarvis Mink

    Jarvis Mink

  • Jarvis Aqua

    Jarvis Aqua

  • Jarvis Magenta

    Jarvis Magenta

  • Jarvis Black

    Jarvis Black

  • Jarvis Steel

    Jarvis Steel

  • Jarvis Glacier

    Jarvis Glacier


Woven to look like a flat weave cotton, this 100% man-made fabric has excellent durability & great colours.

  • Vegas Linen

    Vegas Linen

  • Vegas Chino

    Vegas Chino

  • Vegas Dune

    Vegas Dune

  • Vegas Duckegg

    Vegas Duckegg

  • Vegas Seafoam

    Vegas Seafoam

  • Vegas Nero

    Vegas Nero

  • Vegas Steel

    Vegas Steel

  • Vegas Smoke

    Vegas Smoke


Boasting a luxurious softness, yet with a dry defined texture, Cube offers exceptional durability making it suitable for any space.

  • Cube Ivory

    Cube Ivory

  • Cube Mink

    Cube Mink

  • Cube Oatmeal

    Cube Oatmeal

  • Cube Mocha

    Cube Mocha

  • Cube Sky

    Cube Sky

  • Cube Steel

    Cube Steel

  • Cube Storm

    Cube Storm

  • Cube Onyx

    Cube Onyx


These neutral fabrics can be used to create a minimalist look about the modern home.

  • Chambray Mushroom

    Chambray Mushroom

  • Chambray Dusk

    Chambray Dusk

  • Chambray Dusty Blue

    Chambray Dusty Blue

  • Chambray Mist

    Chambray Mist

  • Chambray Ink

    Chambray Ink

  • Chambray Zinc

    Chambray Zinc

  • Chambray Ash

    Chambray Ash

  • Chambray Oyster

    Chambray Oyster


A velvet-look fabric with a beautiful texture and lustre.

  • Dolce Ivory

    Dolce Ivory

  • Dolce Alkali

    Dolce Alkali

  • Dolce Champagne

    Dolce Champagne

  • Dolce Ink

    Dolce Ink

  • Dolce Lagoon

    Dolce Lagoon

  • Dolce Marble

    Dolce Marble

  • Dolce Graphite

    Dolce Graphite

  • Dolce Midnight

    Dolce Midnight


A linen blend with a stunning texture, great durability and a divine colour palette.

  • Husk Linen

    Husk Linen

  • Husk Driftwood

    Husk Driftwood

  • Husk Ice

    Husk Ice

  • Husk Marble

    Husk Marble

  • Husk Limestone

    Husk Limestone

  • Husk Cloud

    Husk Cloud

  • Husk Smoke

    Husk Smoke

  • Husk Sand

    Husk Sand

  • Husk Atoll

    Husk Atoll

  • Husk Polo

    Husk Polo

  • Husk Amalfi

    Husk Amalfi

  • Husk Ocean

    Husk Ocean

  • Husk Onyx

    Husk Onyx

  • Husk Steel

    Husk Steel

  • Husk Cement

    Husk Cement

  • Husk Dust

    Husk Dust


A velvet-look with a finer, more traditional pile and shine.

  • Glamour Ivory

    Glamour Ivory

  • Glamour Pebble

    Glamour Pebble

  • Glamour Shale

    Glamour Shale

  • Glamour Angel

    Glamour Angel

  • Glamour Deep Sea

    Glamour Deep Sea

  • Glamour Pistachio

    Glamour Pistachio

  • Glamour Ebony

    Glamour Ebony

  • Glamour Airforce Grey

    Glamour Airforce Grey

Augustus Collection

A wool felt with a lovely marled finish.

  • Augustus Porcelain

    Augustus Porcelain

  • Augustus Linen

    Augustus Linen

  • Augustus Wolf

    Augustus Wolf

  • Augustus Pacific

    Augustus Pacific

  • Augustus Armour

    Augustus Armour

  • Brixton Fuchsia

    Brixton Fuchsia

  • Vauxhall Armour

    Vauxhall Armour

  • Richmond Armour

    Richmond Armour

Patterned Fabrics

This range of eclectic designs lend and blend with one another to create a sophisticated and natural environment. Axella, a timeless stripe; Lanza, a contemporary checkerboard; Xavier, a modern geometric and Zelda, a textural diamond.

  • Zelda Natural

    Zelda Natural

  • Zelda Denim

    Zelda Denim

  • Lanza Denim

    Lanza Denim

  • Axella Denim

    Axella Denim

  • Xavier Splice

    Xavier Splice

  • Axella Charcoal

    Axella Charcoal

  • Pueblo Natural

    Pueblo Natural

  • Pueblo Navy

    Pueblo Navy


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