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Outdoor Bliss

- Monday, September 15, 2014

With our gorgeous climate (and especially now it’s spring), we all crave a bit of outside space - an outdoor “room” where you can escape the world and while away the hours… preferably with something delicious to drink (I would say wine but right now it would be a very strong cappuccino!) and a good read.  Bliss!

Being an urban dweller and somewhat “challenged” in the garden department, I’m in awe of what people can do with just a tiny bit of outdoor space.  Be it a balcony, courtyard or even a roof terrace, there are some truly magical outdoor "rooms" that make the very most of their small size.  Sometimes all you need is some potted greenery, string lighting, cushions and a comfy spot to sit (and maybe a touch of imagination) to create something wonderful. 

Just a little balcony in this London flat but a beautiful spot to sit away from the hustle and bustle of a big city -  

I’m a sucker for string lights in outdoor spaces -

I love rooftop gardens (not to mention cityscape vistas like this one…oh my) –

Another lovely rooftop oasis -

This terrace house manages to squeeze in a deck, a pool AND a lovely patch of grass -

Gorgeous outdoor space in this Sydney terrace restoration by Arent and Pyke (featured in Vogue Living May/June 2014) -

A lovely little Parisian courtyard -

Hanging lanterns work beautifully in outdoor spaces -

I do love an internal courtyard and especially love the eclectic mix of plants in this Erskineville house (quite liking the combo of brass kitchen benchtop, black tapware and butler sink too!) -

Black is a gorgeous backdrop for this lush courtyard greenery -

Small but lovely -

This is the courtyard of BedNest director Nicky's backyard in her former home in Sydney - tiny, but full of life - 

For us urban dwellers, a little bit of outside space is pure luxury - be it a balcony, courtyard or even a rooftop.  And no matter how small...

Images via Pinterest, Vogue, BedNest and Gardenista


Beyond dreamy (McDreamy?)

- Tuesday, September 09, 2014

I'm never usually a swooner over celebrity homes. "Real" everyday folk inspire much more without the gazillion dollar budgets and slightly staged feel. This, however, is an exception and an exception I have to share for the sake of a bit of Tuesday morning fluff....

It's the home of Patrick Dempsey ( you know - McDreamy from Greys Anatomy) in Malibu. Designed by uber architect Frank Gehry back in 1968, it has been re-worked in recent times by landscaper Scott Shrader and decorator Estee Stanley. The end result is just so appealing - an amazing combination of true personality - of antique, vintage warmth and soul within a very strong, contemporary structure. Divine. The outdoor spaces are amazing - the family own loads of animals and love gardening and clearly make a better fist of it (or pay somebody to!) than we do back at home!

I shall keep the commentary minimal otherwise you would be utterly bored by my continuous use of the words "beautiful, stunning, warm, gorgeous" etc. Let's face it - we all just want to oggle the images anyway.....

I love the layout of the space below - nooks created, layers of texture and interest and those windows......

Gorgeous bedroom - I'll even admit I love the timber bed!

This room below is another favourite - how many Sunday afternoons could you while away on that sofa?

All images via Architectural Digest

Geometric Fun

- Monday, September 01, 2014

Maths may not be for everyone….but we’re all happily enjoying geometrics!  They are just fun don’t you think?  Amazing how a bunch of triangles can get us all so excited.  I love the way geometric pattern hovers somewhere between 60s retro and futuristic.  Put them anywhere - they work just as well in a baby’s nursery as they do in an opulent bedroom. 

Polyhedrons, hexagons and triangles to zigzags, chevrons and circles, geometric pattern can be added in a subtle way or big and bold (there are some amazing geo print wallpaper’s out there...) adding a real punch to any space.  The beauty of geometric pattern is that it can be mixed and matched with loads of styles from industrial to contemporary chic.  Just take a look at these pics...  

The wallpaper is the star of this room with the geometric pattern giving a real energetic buzz to the space -

Love the layers of pattern and the divine mint Harlequin wallpaper -

A great alternative to a rug, stencilled floorboards can really lift a space -

The Danes just always get it right…stunning bedding by Ferm Living

Oh-so-cute paper storage bags -

A small kitchen made “big” by the bold splashback –

A big bold wall for a little one...but the soft grey palette ensures the pattern doesn't overwhelm the space -

Gorgeous geometric vases -

A strong geometric rug makes a big impact in this lounge -

How about this striking geo print for a bedhead?  Mmmm... like pattern but not sure you can "commit"?  Good news BedNesters!  We are taking the risk out of pattern - check out our Hampton bedhead and removable covers option designed to make it sooo easy to choose a pattern for your BedNest in Nicky's recent blog post.


Whether soft and pale or big and bright, geometrics are just pure fun - enjoy!

Images via Pinterest

Chalky Pastels

- Sunday, August 24, 2014

I think we are all feeling that hint of spring in the air (“hooray” I hear you say…).  If you are anything like me, you are probably itching to pull back those winter layers and inject some fresh colour into your home.  Pastels are hitting the radar - not sugary sweet but chalky muted with just that hint of grey…a bit more sophisticated, a bit more grown up. 

This season's pastels are a lot more interesting, edgy even  –  geo designs, bold prints or teamed with metallics (think copper or gold).  Gradient and dip dye as well as fresh painterly patterns in dusty pinks, minty greens and pale peach.  These pastels look great with soft greys, black/white and natural woods.  Bye bye candyfloss, hello grown up modern!


Pastels move into a moody direction in this bedroom -


Chalky pastels add to the industrial feel of this kitchen -


Love these pastel Muuto pendant lights -


Just a touch of pastel here and there but enough to add some interest and colour  -


A minty green wall works as a soft backdrop for the artwork and bright blue ikat bedding. This is an old shot from Real Living magazine featuring our Paddo bedhead in Loft cotton -


Pastel hues create a calm ethereal vibe in this space -

Love this Acapulco chair in peachy orange -


Pastel wishbone chairs make a striking contrast with the black pendant lights -


Lovely mix of colour and pattern -


No sugary pink for this nursery!


What do you think BedNesters?  Got you inspired for a little "grown-up" pastel?   

Images via Pinterest 


Taking the risk out of pattern

- Friday, August 15, 2014

To say we're over the moon to see so much beautiful pattern pass through our fabric cutting room would be an understatement. As my 5 year old would say, we're over the moon "and stars and back again"....

Don't get me wrong, we love all of the stone colours, charcoals, taupes, whites and indigos that we make week in week out as much as you do. Grey? We can't get enough of it - but pattern just takes the whole team to another level. We spend ages discussing the layout, where any seams should fall, wondering what kind of room it's going into, stroking and generally getting over-excited!

Taking a risk with pattern, however beautiful it may be, can be scary. Especially on a bigger piece like a bedhead. Even just making the "pattern vs plain" call is hard enough. Then wittling down all of the amazing fabrics and coming up with the floral, geometric or stripe that's just for you - big stuff. And even when you've found the fabric that makes your heart sing it's not all over.....What if you "go off it" in a year or two? What if you paint the walls/get new carpet/buy new bedside tables and it no longer works? What if you are a total fabric junkie and see another even more beautiful fabric down the track and "need" that instead (hmmmm - moi maybe?). 

Well - as ever, and as total fabric junkies ourselves, we are on a quest to make bringing some pattern into your life a WHOLE lot less scary. The answer lies in our Hampton bedhead. It's a slip cover - which means the cover is removable and therefore SUPER easy to change. See? Easy. If you do pick a pattern and any of the above concerns strike - all you do is pick another one and let us know. and we make it, pop it in the mail to you and on it goes and TA DAH - brand new bedhead, look, BedNest.

See here - 1 bedhead, 1 room, 3 totally different looks ....

Hampton bedhead in Heart Designs Whimsical fabric in Smoothie (fabric from Emily Ziz Style Studio)

Hampton bedhead in Tinker Double Links fabric in Old Gold/Mink (fabric from Emily Ziz Style Studio)

Hampton bedhead in Wolfe Street Indienne fabric in Chartsreuse (fabric from Emily Ziz Style Studio)

You can even just buy 2 different covers and interchange them depending on the season, your mood, your current decor loves,  change in bed linen or just when the spirit grabs you! One cover in a pattern and one in a plain gives you the best of both worlds...Just like the images below - one cover is in a gorgeous Ikat spot for an eclectic look and one is in a gorgeous vintage linen for a bit more laid-back causal Sunday morning style.

Hampton bedhead in Ikat Spot (fabric from No Chintz)

Hampton bedhead in Washed Luxembourg Belgian Linen in Oatmeal (fabric from Westbury Textiles)

So - now you can just go for it. Choose that fabric you love with the gorgeous geometric print, take the plunge with a bold black and white stripe. We've made it easy!

And the final delightful little bonus? We're so keen to keep these lovely patterns flowing through our workroom that we are offering to make all Hampton customers  a second cover made at no charge. Your only cost will be the fabric - we'll make it up for free.

Now there's NO risk at all!

All images via BedNest - Photography by Chris Warnes, Styling by BedNest, Linen by Cultiver, Cushions by Walter G and BedNest

Beni Ouarain Rugs

- Monday, August 04, 2014

I’ve noticed these beautiful rugs popping up everywhere and let’s just say, I’m a little bit obsessed.  I love their tribal earthiness and gorgeous texture as well as the warm loveliness they bring to a space.  This one’s definitely on my want list! 

Handmade by the Beni Ouarain tribes in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, these beautiful thick pile rugs typically feature a dark brown or black diamond pattern woven into a creamy foreground.  The subtle geometric pattern and neutral colour palette means they are interesting without being too overwhelming - and they seem to pretty much work in any type of interior.  In fact, I would probably go as far as to say that they are one of the most versatile rugs around – living, dining, bedroom, hallway, nursery or even as a wall hanging – they just work.  And if you’re not convinced, take a look at these pics –

This lounge has all the elements I love:  touch of greenery, some geometric cushions and that rug -

I love the tribal elements in Cassandra Karinsky’s (of KULCHI - who also stock Beni Ouarain rugs too!) Sydney home -

The strong pattern in the rug adds interest to this lounge and works so well with that Butterfly chair -

The rug really pulls together the mix of styles in this dining space -

I love the way the patterns in the artwork mirror the pattern in the rug -

The brown tones in this Beni Ouarain rug enhance the earthy feel of the space -

Here the Beni Ouarain rug paired with the pom-pom blanket adds interest and texture to an otherwise minimal bedroom -

Looks right at home in this New York loft!

The rug brings a lovely cosiness to this nursery -

Don't limit yourself to floors...Beni Ouarain rugs look gorgeous as wall hangings too!


Got you convinced now?

Images via Pinterest & Apartment Therapy

Scandinavian Style

- Monday, July 28, 2014

I really love winter interiors.  My head goes a bit Nordic - the clean lines, the pale beauty, the way Scandinavian style maximizes light and creates an airy, minimal look.  Simple yet beautiful.

Scandinavian style is perfect for creating a calm and serene feel in your home.  There’s that sense of effortless “cool” too.  Stylish yet functional furniture (doesn’t have to be expensive…let’s not forget IKEA), modern but not too minimal décor.  Clean lines, simple colour palette, rustic wood and layered organic textures (plus the odd twig and antler or two).  What’s not to love?  Oh, and to be so clutter free…. 

I often think Scandinavian style is at it’s best in bedrooms.  This one is truly breathtaking -

Wooden trestle table with fur and wool throws create a sense of warmth and organic texture in this dining space –

Love the touch of greenery and geometric cushions in the home of Scandinavian blogger Tant Johanna -  

Big windows minus window treatments = loads of natural light in this Copenhagen apartment.  Hans Wegner coffee table, rug and printed cushions from By Nord –  

The Beni Ourain rug provides some visual warmth in an otherwise stark white interior -

Lovely home of Norwegian stylist An Magritt

Beautiful shades of grey in this lounge by interior stylist and photographer Renee Arns -

Antlers on the wall and texture on the couch -

A hammock in the bedroom looks like fun.  Love the Pia Wallen cross blanket -

So how's your headspace.....a bit Nordic too?

Images via Pinterest



- Monday, July 21, 2014

When we were converting our loft into a bedroom for our three year old we decided to squeeze in a little study too – oh boy was that a brilliant idea.  Tucked away from the world with all of it's gorgeous natural light, this little space has become the perfect place to retreat and get a bit of creativity going.  An inspiring little workspace....

Most of us need some sort of area at home dedicated as a workspace (even if it’s just for household stuff).  You probably don’t want it to look too “worky” but for it to blend in with the rest of your home.  You might have a whole room or maybe just a little nook or corner of your kitchen.  Be it big or small, a workspace should be a place where you are happy to spend time and feel motivated and inspired (afterall, you probably spend a lot of your time there, right?).   Here are some pics I thought worth sharing -

This sunroom from Cassandra Karinsky's (of Kulchi) Sydney home doubles as an office and guestroom – a really clever use of space (beautiful Kulchi antique Zaiane kilim too!) -

Trestle tables are so versatile and make great desks, baskets are a lovely storage idea too -

Cute little office nook in a London home designed by photographer Paul Massey -

Another little study nook - here closet doors have been removed to create desk space (love the shelving and chalkboard paint idea) -


I'm a big fan of Swedish stylist and photographer, Daniella Witte.  Everything she does is beautiful including her very own workspace -


Lovely office of Danish designer Marianne Brandi -

Creative workspace of Danish graphic designer Louise Breyen -

Lovely vintage inspired workspace -

A little more industrial -  

Illustrator Paula Mills' Melbourne home -

And if you've got the room...great ceiling height to store loads of books!

I’m certainly feeling inspired in my lovely new workspace.  I think stylist, interiors expert and TV presenter Shannon Fricke is spot on when she says, “A working space…should be a place that feels alive, that generates positive energy and a flow of ideas.” 

Images via Pinterest



Divine Velvet

- Monday, July 14, 2014

I have a real weakness for velvet.  It’s such a gorgeously indulgent fabric with that “can’t help but run your hand over it” kind of quality.  That beautiful silky-soft, liquid-velvety smoothness and oh-so cosy warm feel....

Velvet isn’t shy either – it’s got an extraordinary knack to carry off the boldest and deepest of shades (love it in jewel colours, bright fuschia pinks and inky blues). With it’s rich and luxurious look velvet can instantly raise the stakes in a room but it can pull off contemporary looks too.  Velvet can be used across a wide range of interior styles - from over-the-top opulence to mid-century/70s retro. From subtle lustrous matt velvets through to the high shine glamour of traditional velvet looks - there's a velvet to work in every space.

Velvet looks amazing on buttoned or tufted furniture – especially bedheads like this one below.  Black and gold is a classic look but the brass swing-arm sconce and bedside table give it a modern edge -

Light tones look stunning in velvet too.  This is a Bespoke BedNest bedhead we made recently for a customer in Warwick’s Glamour Shale -

Inky blue velvet covers a contemporary sofa whilst a quirky chair in contrasting mustard velvet adds to the playfulness of the space (really like the swing arm wall lamp too!). The matte finish to this velvet just oozes sophistication (see our Entice range from Warwick for similar)-

I love this contemporary chair covered in navy velvet (Sydney home by Arent & Pyke as featured in Vogue Living):

Beautiful emerald green sofa by Lilly Bunn Interiors -

Dove grey velvet creates a calm mood in this lounge space -

More grey velvet - this time on a traditional style chesterfield sofa -

Modern eclectic – love the combination of the green velvet chairs with the farmhouse table and chandelier -

Black and tufted, the velvet ottoman adds to the opulent feel of the room -

For just a dash of velvet, I adore the dollops of sunshine these penny round velvet cushions by Rachel Castle bring -


Lovely velvet - divine in any style in my book!

Images via Pinterest


Tile Envy

- Monday, June 30, 2014

I’ve got some serious tile envy.  Oh boy is the humble tile having a moment – divine pattern, colour and texture - I’m in heaven with all the textile-inspired designs that are popping up.   

Just like fabric we are seeing loads of geometrics, digital prints and textures. Vintage patterns and well loved looks in retro, Moroccan and patchwork designs.  If pattern isn’t your thing, there are lots of gorgeous shaped tile options - diamonds, circles, ovals and of course the beloved hexagon (sigh…).  And let’s not forget digital printing too with tiles that look (and feel!) like bricks, concrete, wood or metal creating lovely interest and texture.  Loads of options, loads of styles….

An oldie but a goodie, subway tiles hold timeless appeal.  Even better, they are now available in a whole range of colours (as well as the original gloss white of course!) -


Here a mirrored version makes a rather glamorous addition to this kitchen (love that copper light!) -

Grey or dark grouting can look great too adding definition and interest -

This is an ensuite we did as one of our BedNest Interior Design projects for a client in Paddington recently - how we love white subway tiles + grey paint!  


Don’t you just adore hexagonal tiles?  Here they make a stunning splashback in this kitchen (Di Lorenzo Carrara marble hexagonal tiles) -

You may recognize this image..Kyal and Kara's downstairs bathroom from The Block!  A lovely organic feel has been created with these large hexagonal tiles in charcoal (tiles from Beaumont Tiles) -  

Laying tiles in a herringbone pattern can be a striking option especially like these ones in marble -

Stunning splashback in monochrome (tiles by Jatana Interiors) –

Whilst clearly a modern bathroom, the Moroccan inspired encaustic tiles has made this space appear handmade and special -  


Another beautiful patterned floor which really lifts the space -  

The tiles on this mezzanine level look like a textured hall runner.  Clever AND beautiful! 

Recycled tiles are a beautiful option especially in a period home like this one by Etica Studio -  

Love the mix of styles in this space (tiles from the Face Collection by Gamma Due and their funky new spin off Ornamenta) –

I’ve definitely got some tile envy – mmmm, maybe that downstairs bathroom needs renovating soon…


Images via Pinterest, House & Home, Dwell, Something Gorgeous, Apartment Therapy & Ornamenta


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