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Creative Collaboration

Kate Hemming - Thursday, April 13, 2017


One of the most enjoyable things about what we do here at BedNest is working with such an amazing range of people.

From private clients simply refreshing a bedroom, to Interior Designers looking to re-imagine an entire home and Architects who have an ability to transform a fleeting thought into a physical reality. Being part of the collaboration process is something that’s very special.


Belle Magazine feature – ‘Undercover Culture’

Kate Hemming - Sunday, February 05, 2017

What do you get when you cross a talented Interior Design Editor, with quality upholstered bedroom furniture and fabric from a number of market-leading fabric houses? The answer – a very stylish five-page editorial feature in Belle Magazine!

To say we were thrilled to have been featured in Belle Magazine is a slight understatement. If you haven’t already, make sure you pick up the February/March 2017 issue.

BedNest Photo Shoot – Summer 2016 and 2017

Kate Hemming - Sunday, February 05, 2017

Our latest photoshoot ran over three crazy days – it had us rushing from pillar to post, but the end results were simply stunning. We couldn't be happier!

Over the last few years, we've had the pleasure of working with professional photographer Chris Warnes – his photographic prowess never fails to deliver anything but truly beautiful results. In fact, Chris' work is regularly featured in some of Australia's leading home magazines and we're sure you'll agree, he certainly knows his way around a BedNest bedhead.

Styling your home, the Annie Bowen way

Kate Hemming - Sunday, February 05, 2017


Designing your home is nothing without a good source of inspiration. Flicking through your favourite interiors magazine, scrolling through Pinterest and snacking on your Instagram feed can certainly fuel your imagination, but sometimes this can also lead to a bad case of information overload – too many ideas and suggestions, all vying for your attention.


It's a Dog's Life...

Kate Hemming - Friday, August 26, 2016

It's one of the most divisive topics and has tested many a solid relationship.

The big question - should dogs be allowed inside the house, let alone inside the bedroom??

There's a continually moving line in this debate that generally gets pushed in one direction or the other by various members of the household, including the dog !!

I mean really, who could resist these puppy dog eyes...??

Image from

In my case it started a few years ago with the purchase of our first family Dog, to which my husband was totally unaware.

Somehow the kids and I convinced the love of my life, that this beautiful ball of energy couldn't sleep outside in the cold; and that's when the line was drawn. Our new four legged friend was granted one night under our roof in the laundry, after which he was to remain an 'outside dog'.

Rules were laid down early for the benefit of kids and dog. Dog sleeps outside at night and can come up on the back deck during the day. Dog must get walked daily to get his exercise, but more importantly get some social interaction.

Social interaction, that was the angle identified as the chink in my husband's armour and in a coordinated attack, my kids and I began our campaign.

He held his ground in the summer months, but as we moved into winter the pressure began to build and that line began to shift ever so slightly.

One bitterly cold morning in a mad scramble to get the family out the door, my husband hardly noticed the dog milling around and when questioned, he had to agree it was a very cold permission was granted, but only until we all left the house.

Over time he's conceded that more than just pack animals, dogs really are good company. Not once have we arrived home and the dog has been unhappy to see us. The dog agrees with everything we say and unlike the kids, not once has the dog talked back to us.

And so it goes, a very slippery slope indeed. 

It seems that our dog's unwavering loyalty has finally mellowed my husband's hard line on the 'outside dog' debate, to the point where he's become open to considering a few options to make our ageing pup feel a little more at home.

Designed and created exclusively for MiaCara by award winning designer Gerd Coukhuyt, the Letto Daybed definitely adds a contemporary feel and style.

Letto Daybed

Or maybe a Teepee tent for the office (available from

Teepee Tent

If my Instagram feed is anything to go by, I'm certainly not alone....we all have a line that's drawn. For some it's at the back deck and for the rest of us, well, it's not at the back deck....





For these lucky really is a dog's life :)

The Warmth of Winter

Kate Hemming - Thursday, July 14, 2016

All around us colours are changing.

Each year the fresh, cool, lighter colours of summer slowly deepen and transform into the warmer earthier tones of autumn. As winter sets in and the mercury continues to drop, the mood changes again and so do our preferences for textures and fabrics. 

It's amazing to see how much the change in season affects our choices, our emotions and even our purchases! 

Over the last little while we've enjoyed working with the shift from pale linens and whites to deeper colour tones, lots of velvet and some gorgeous textures and patterns.

There's no doubt that creating something cosier and warmer in our bedrooms feels right at this time of year, that doesn't have to mean dark colours of course, or even a whole new bedhead - just adding some new cushions, a blanket and maybe a rug can switch your nest from summer cool to a cosy winter den.

Shift Property Styling takes our Paddo Bedhead and warms up the bedroom using woollen textures, earthy blues and grey tones. 

Lets take a look at how we're transitioning with the seasons, drawing in the warmth and keeping the cold winter weather at bay...

The Colours

You don't have to search far to find styled shots, design elements and homewares that have been inspired by Pantone's 2016 colour(s) of the year, Rose Quartz (Pantone 13-1520) and Serenity (15-3919). Image below from

But as the winter season continues, we're finding ourselves surrounded by deeper, richer emerald greens and inky blues (image below from Warwick Fabrics). Colours that reflect the mood of the season or our reaction to it.

The Fabrics

As always Warwick Fabrics provide an exceptional range for all seasons and this Winter is no different.

Along with changing colour preferences, we've continued to see Warwick's warmer woollens, more luxurious velvets and patterned fabrics becoming a favourite in recent months.

As well as the Warwick Fabrics range featured on our site, we often source fabric options from both local and international fabric houses at our client's request.

The Textures

Layers of different textures, colour tones and patterns add warmth and interest to a room.

The team at Vault Interiors have captured the essence of winter style with our Raffles Bedhead taking centre stage in Dolce Ink from Warwick Fabrics. 

The Designs

In addition to the shift in colours and textures, clients have been tending towards bedhead designs with a little more detail.

Some clever BedNester's have also been thinking ahead to how they will store their favourite winter throws, quilts and woollen blankets when we enter the warmer months.

We'll leave you with a few of our crowd favourites this winter... 

Raffles Bedhead in Dolce Graphite from Warwick Fabrics

Brunswick bedhead in Husk Steel from Warwick Fabrics

Our Maddison Bedhead in Velvet Splendour fabric from Mokum Textiles.


And for when the winter months are behind us, you can pack away the heavy bedding into our very stylish Otto Blanket Box...

Rainy Days & Entryways

Kate Hemming - Monday, June 06, 2016

There's a lot I love about winter.

Boots, jackets, cosy nights in with red wine and an open fire. Cold rainy days...not so much.

However, being the eternal optimist and lover of colour and design, I have to say this cloud does have a silver lining.

For centuries the humble umbrella has been used as an elegant fashion accessory and today the quality and range of exquisite brollies is almost endless. From classic polka dots, elegant stripes and traditional tartan, to floral prints. I have to confess...I have a thing for designer umbrellas!!

Please indulge me, take a breath and enjoy some serious arm candy...

There is one more item that's a must for those of us who appreciate their treasured brolly.

Apart from helping avoid the frustration that comes with not being able to find your umbrella when you need it, an artful umbrella stand adds an element of style to any home entryway.

For some of the most elegant umbrellas and parasols on the market, take a look at the collections and design styles from some of the best in the business...

All images via Pinterest.

The Spare Room - Neglected Storeroom or Stylish Guest Bedroom?

Kate Hemming - Monday, May 02, 2016

There are those who keep their homes looking immaculate 24/7; not a thing out of place.....and then there's the rest of us.

Regardless of which camp you're from, there comes a time when a common motivation kicks in. More often than not it's driven by visiting friends or relatives and the request to help "transform the spare room into a stylish guest bedroom!" is one we've heard many times.

Well, here are a few simple things you can do to freshen up that spare room and make your guests feel welcome (and maybe little impressed); but more importantly, help make you feel relaxed throughout their stay.

Begin with the Bed

Dressing up the bed will do wonders for a tired room and the right bedhead can become a truly beautiful focal point.

Annie Bowen from Gallop Lifestyle chose this striking blue patterned fabric to help breath life back into a spare bedroom for one of her clients. This ikat print adds more than a little interest to one of our more simple and elegant bedhead designs (the Paddo bedhead).

Deciding on the right bed or bedhead for your guest bedroom can feel like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be.

The decision revolves around 3 simple steps:

1. Choose the design - Bedheads have a personality, decide whether you want them to be the centre of attention or play a more supportive role.

2. Choose the size - Don’t over-fill the bedroom: let the size of the room dictate whether you choose a double or a queen bed (we'll provide the size you need)

3. Choose the fabric - Choose a colour and texture to suit your existing furnishings or create the colour scheme around your upholstered bedhead. Remember, fabric samples are free for the asking.

These three simple steps reflect our online ordering experience and have been designed specifically to help focus your decision making (and we're always here to help you with the process).

Lovely Linen

Next, bring on the lovely linen. There really is nothing like the feel of brand new sheets.

Sliding into a bed made with new linen will have your guests feeling like they have just booked into a cosy boutique hotel; their own space.

Linen from Cultiver, Paddo Bed from BedNest and photography by Chris Warnes.

More cosy linen from Cultiver Goods.

Lighting the way

Of course, no guest bedroom would be complete without the balance and comfort a bedside table and lighting can bring.

Florence Bedhead from BedNest in an Indigo Linen (styled by Annie Bowen @galloplifestyle).

Bedroom accessories and finishing touches

Guest bedrooms are often well furnished but lack the detail that makes them feel like don't forget the finishing touches !!

Adding feature cushions and a throw rug helps soften the room, giving it a more welcoming, friendly vibe. Choose colours and designs to complement or contrast with your bedhead, depending whether you're after a relaxed feel or a guest bedroom with a more classic look.

Classic monochrome - Madeline McFarlane brings it all together beautifully, blending a classic black and white colour palette with layers of design elements and detail. A variation of our Tribecca Bedhead in Husk Onyx from Warwick Fabrics (styled by Madeline McFarlane).

Empty looking wall spaces can be filled with feature wall art to accentuate colour and add a personal touch.

Raffles Bedhead from BedNest (styled by Annie Bowen @galloplifestyle).

When considering the finishing touches think indoor plants, hand towels and towels, scented candles; interesting books, magazines and boutique homewares.

Boutique Homewares for Inspiration

Need inspiration? You’ve found it! Here are a few go-to homewares sites to get you on the right track...

Feather & Willow

Scout House


Tarlo and Graham

Table Tonic

Mosaic Inspiration - A treasure found

Kate Hemming - Tuesday, April 26, 2016


What are the chances....a London based luxury rug designer doing renovations on his property in the English countryside stumbles across a Roman mosaic that has laid patiently, unseen for over 1,500 years.

Luke Irwin has specialised in the design and manufacture of hand-knotted custom made rugs since 2003. His collection of traditionally crafted rugs can be found in his showroom in London's Pimlico Road Design District.

But it's the inspiration behind his latest Mosaic Collection that has captured the imagination of lovers of interiors and historians alike.

Interesting read (watch the video) if you're into history or you just love floor rugs :) ....

"A good rug can be the cornerstone or foundation on which all the disparate elements and personality within a room are bound together"....Luke Irwin, London.

Textured Bedroom Bliss

Kate Hemming - Wednesday, March 16, 2016

When one of very clever trade clients (Sydney based Carmen Parker Styling) shared an image from a Paddington Apartment she had recently re-decorated, it wasn't just the way our Florence bedhead shone in Dolce Marble from Warwick Fabrics that caught our eye.

There's plenty to appreciate in this pic. From layers of grey tones and white linen, to the contrasting directional patterns of the feature cushions; not to mention the elegance and balance the black bedside table, side lamp and lavender filled vase adds to this master bedroom...but what really steals the show for me is the statement wall paper from Farrow & Ball. You can almost feel it's tactile, silky texture...

From the land of wall papered luxury, UK based Farrow & Ball have an extensive range of florals, damasks, stripes and geometric patterns inspired by archives of timeless and evocative wallpapers, fabrics and patterns from around the world.

Nothing says sumptuous style and elegance like carefully selected statement wall paper...

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